Who We Are

We're Jesiah and Ellen Alexander. We absolutely love being able to work together on the farm every day. We both have a real passion for overall organic and biological farming practices, and have our own 'areas' of agriculture that we each focus on. 

Our family and friends are amazing and we are incredibly blessed to have such an awesome support team who really believe in what we are doing.

Our Beliefs

We believe that farming starts in the soil. With healthy soil biology, you have good pasture, with good pasture you have healthy cows and with healthy cows you have great milk! We love diversity both in our overall business as well in our pastures. We have a good pasture diversity at the moment and we will always be adding and improving on this. 

Trees are such a fantastic and under-utilised resource too. We have planted over 1500 trees and shrubs on the property since we got here and we hope to be able to double this over the next few years.


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