Why Do We Farm Organically?

Organic Farming can have a few different names; Sustainable, Regenerative, Environmental, Biological.. The main thing is that Organic Farming is more than just a job or a business, its a passion. Organic Farming takes real passion and a desire to be farming in a style that isn't just paying the bills but also looking after the earth/soil in the long term. Most of the time this takes a lot more effort and determination to achieve this while still being economic. But that is why WE LOVE IT!! Going and seeing the soil buzzing with life - from the fungi and bacteria thriving around all the healthy roots, nematodes and protozoa doing their part ... To the more obvious sign of healthy soils and that is WORMS! Your best friend when it comes to soil life. That is just a small but effective sign that you are on the right path and that all the hard work and observation is paying off, keep it up! 

The cows also live a more natural lifestyle where antibiotics and other conventional medicine are not part of their day to day milking career. We like to aid our cows to have strong immunities so minor issues are dealt with before anything turns clinical and needs organic or conventional intervention. This is achieved by the stock having access to a few key health tonics that we offer to them. Our cows always have Raw Himalayan Mineral Salt available wherever they go- these salts contain up to 80 different trace elements that are important to the animals' gut biology and general health. We also have Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Garlic and a strong brew of Seaweed Extract that the cows consume through their water each day. These three inputs help keep the animal in top form and her immunity strong.
A good diversity of forage is also important to keep the cows healthy, just eating a single type of Rye Grass and Clover really isn't going to give the cow the best possible nutrients she needs. Us humans don't thrive on eating only one food (like potatoes) all day every day so why would an animal either? We like to have a decent amount of diversity in the pasture that the cows eat so they are getting all different types of proteins, fats (omega oils) and fibre everyday. And the cows don't just eat grass, they love trees and shrubs too, which all have their own special recipe of nutrition that is great for the cow.

As you can see Organic Farming is so much more than just a job or a business when there is all this going on, you really get excited thinking about how amazing the farm can be when you add some diversity- alternative medicine- and some good observation. The cows love it and so do we here at Alexander Organics. Which reminds me of all the other things that love this organic environment, our bees love all the different clovers and trees to pollinate and collect nectar from and the birds have plenty of habitat to call home.

Organic Farming is Awesome and we wouldn't do it any other way!

Jesiah Alexander


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