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Re-usable Glass Bottle Care

When you first purchase your bottle from our chilled bottle dispenser it has already been sterilised and is ready to get some delicious raw milk! But what's the best way to care for your bottle once you get it home?

In our home we try to use as environmentally friendly products as we can from the grocery store (we're not quite onto making our own yet!). In our home the dishwasher powder we use is the 'Earthwise Plant Powder' and is gentle enough that it won't fade the logo on our bottles, so we just pop our bottles through our dishwasher. If you use a strong brand such as Finish tablets though you will find that the logo will fade very quickly! 

If this is the case for you, the best way to keep your bottle clean is to rinse with cold water as soon as you get the last of the milk, grab a good bottle brush and some hot soapy water and give the bottle a good scrub and then rinse well. You can also take it a step further if you like and properly sterilise your bottle by popping it in the oven at about 120C until it's dry. Our lids won't like the heat of the oven though so best not to do the oven method for them.

Our top tip is to make sure you allow your bottle and lid to dry COMPLETELY before popping the lid back on.
Try it for yourself! Wait for one clean bottle to dry and then pop the lid on, and for the second, put the lid straight on a wet (seemingly clean) bottle. Leave in the pantry for about a week and you will smell which bottle was really clean before you put the lid on! Moisture holds bacteria (same with our hands) - it's just the way it is. So if you trap moisture in a bottle and then leave it at room temperature you will find those bacteria will multiply real quick!

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