Thank you for your interest in milk deliveries!
We really appreciate your patience as we jump into this new venture!
This form will help us to make the final leap - it should take you no more than 2-3 minutes to complete. Once we get a good amount of people reply to us still keen, we will push GO in the next couple of weeks! 😱
Thank you ...
Jesiah and Ellen Alexander 😃

A couple of Key Points:

  • Milk will be $3.50 per litre, plus $5 delivery fee to cover the costs involved in getting milk to you - regardless of how much milk is purchased. The increase in milk price is to cover the cost of the bottle lids which we cannot guarantee would be clean if we were to reuse them. The $5 delivery fee is to cover travel, labour and vehicle maintenance costs. The labour involved will be sterilising bottles, filling bottles, and delivering your milk.
  • When you order delivered milk you will need to either purchase one of our 1L bottles, or leave a clean Alexander Organics 1L bottle out that we can swap with your bottle of milk. (Swap-a-bottle kind of system).
  • If you are not going to be home during the delivery time, you will need to have a chilly bin or cooler bag to keep your milk cold. (We sell cooler bags for $15 each and you could pop a couple of ice packs in it).
  • As our business expands, other items will be available for delivery such as veggie boxes and eggs (this would come under the same $5 delivery fee, it wouldn't be charged twice).

Please fill in the below form after reading the key points above! 😃

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Thank you so much for your time filling this form out for us! We really appreciate it. Jesiah and Ellen


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