Farm Map

The Farm Details

  • Full NZ Organic Certified
  • Full EU Organic Certified
  • Full NOP Organic Certified
    All with BIOGRO NZ - the NZ certifiers that we believe has the highest standards.

123 Acre Property
(111 Acre Effective Dairy Land)

Or for the slightly younger person 😜:
50 Hectare Property
(46 Hectare Effective Dairy Land)

(Click the map to download!)

What We Have:

180 beautiful mixed age Certified Organic cows on the property (this includes our youngest calves). They are a mix of breeds - mainly Dairy Shorthorn and Ayrshire with some Friesian and Jersey X girls in our herd too. We have a very young herd - the oldest cow currently only being 5 years. We are currently milking 13 cows in our raw milk herd and 88 cows in our factory supply herd. Check out this Blog Post to see why these herds must be kept separate and all the procedures we follow to produce raw milk. We rear all our calves and sell any 'non-keepers' to family and friends with farms who carry them through. Yes, that's right - we don't 'do bobbies'.

  • 3 Dogs: Jae the hard worker, Baylee the cuddle bum and Skye our gorgeous deaf working prodige. All 3 are super cuddlers!
  • Chooks: 24 Hyline Hens
  • Ducks:  8 Buff Orpington's . 2 Indian Runner's . 6 Khaki Campbells . A whole lot of mix-breed offspring 😁
  • Sheep: 4 Polled Wiltshire Ewes

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